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I’ve found that one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful and unexplainable transformations is the butterfly. The caterpillar cannot return to its former state once it has changed.   Yet, it must take flight and ascend into higher heights.  The challenge and change go hand in hand.  One cannot fly into flying, it is a process.

Often times my brother would say to me, “people call you an excellent trainer or the best” but to me that is all hearsay.  By taking an early leap into the beginning part of this year, I made a decision to compete in The Night of Champions.  A competition that showcases the best of one’s athletic and fitness ability using core fitness techniques, stamina, acrobatics, and the like.  In order to see what one was looking for I had to transform and take all measures needed with a pure and open heart leaving the unnecessary behind.  This decision had to be made without any room for retreat or excuses.  I knew I wanted more for my life.   But more importantly to take my company and brand, MCORE into a stronger position globally and locally.  I have learned that there is no growth in familiarity.
I’ve never prayed or meditated for my journey to be easy.  Only for me to be equipped and strong enough to endure the unforeseen that lies ahead.   Watching this daily broadcast of my life; an unwritten script unveil itself I challenge you to take your heart (spirit) and dive into a goal that you cannot retreat from. Find hidden tunnels of talent, or treasures within you. Be courageous enough to embrace the metamorphosis.  The rewards will take you beyond you.   And only then will you discover the real you.
Matthew 26:41 “…..  The flesh is weak, but the Spirit is willing.”

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