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I’ve found that one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful and unexplainable transformations is the butterfly. The caterpillar cannot return to its former state once it has changed.   Yet, it must take flight and ascend into higher heights.  The challenge and change go hand in hand.  One cannot fly into flying, it is a process. ... Read more


Training periods and eating patterns will fluctuate like everything else, but only a few will solidify concrete results.  For quality and measurable results it requires the master ingredient of powerful patience. Improvements may seem small yet, like the wind we can feel it, but we cannot see it. No, matter what the numbers add up to some inches of progress are much greater than statute thinking - which gives us only thoughts and no action. Begin to train all of you into all that you’re positively seeking.  Maintain focus because individual success comes from you.  Only happy intentions are born from a loving space!


Water is a natural resource that is both refreshing and cleansing to our bodies.  Each molecule of our bodies is saturated with water, from the crown of our heads to the soles of our heels.  Water is a great energy fuel.  I find a warm glass of kettle water massages the inside and is a ritual essential to the growth and development when creating new healthy habits.  Changing into new habits aids in our livelihood and requires a strong commitment.  Commit to a happier way of pursuing life with a tenacious freeness and stick to your goals.


Life changes are not easy because of habits and daily rituals. Creating new beliefs takes time, patience and practice. Things will resist, but that’s ok because without challenge there can be no triumph.  Know that if there was ever a time you truly desired something it took time, but you got it. The challenge of new beginnings is a delicate progression when it comes to processing and producing results. Concentration towards our goals gives us validation and confirmation results are real. Real results make the journey worthwhile and purposeful. Wherever, you are now is because of you, so expect your end to see you again, but in a new light, with a fresh shadow for shade.

Everyday New

Unforeseen emotions, actions and outcomes are a part of the transformation progress.  The primary key to unlocking new success is embracing all that comes with it.  Moving with a clear conscious awareness allows new habit to find home. Gains and losses escape no one! We all share this so, never compare yourself to others.Train yourself to maintain control from judging. Find a quiet place so your breath can find space.  Housing into this position helps us with confidence whilst taking action.

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