2015 Night Of Champions Prejudging

The Bermuda Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation is hosting the 28th Annual Night of Champions today [Aug 15] at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium, with divisions being contested including bodybuilding, figure, physique, fitness and bikini.

This morning saw the prejudging, with over 50 competitors taking to the stage with friends, family, trainers and fans shouting out encouragement.

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2015 Feature in Royal Gazette: Helping couples get back in shape

Looking to get back in shape as a couple in the New Year? Monroe Darrell believes he’s just the man to help you do it. The personal trainer specialises in getting couples of all ages back into top form by creating exercise regimes they can do to challenge and encourage each other. Studies show that newly married couples in their early 20s typically gain six to nine pounds more than their peers who are single and dating — so it’s no wonder that more are deciding to workout together. ... Read more

2014 Feature in This Week In Bermuda

Upon entering Monroe Darrell’s airy Laffan Street studio, you get a sense that he’s doing things a little differently. Just a stone’s throw from the city’s centre, yet miles away from the stale setupof your average gym,Monroe is taking what he considers “a greener approach to exercise and fitness.” The room is minimal, displaying some unusual apparatus. ... Read more

Building a Fit Family

Finding the time to exercise is often difficult for most people. But finding the time to exercise for a busy and growing family can be even more challenging. Here are a few simple solutions to get your family started and into a Family Fit Routine that can benefit all. ... Read more

Exploring Divine Gender - Insights from trainers Samantha Harries & Monroe Darrell

In this dynamic interview series, spiritual healer Samantha Harries and life and fitness coach Monroe Darrell share their experiences working together on the "Return of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine". Reflecting on the photoshoot that started the project, sharing insights on successful gender partnerships in work and relationships, ... Read more

Week 1 of The Sunshine League Summer Camp is a great success

For the week for 15 - 19 July, The Sunshine League, in partnership with PRIDE Bermuda put on a Summer Camp for 14 year old youth.  The difference with this summer camp is that it offers a solid, proven life skills training curriculum specifically geared toward this age group.  ... Read more

Shameella rises to the top

From the outset, Oddo provided a training and nutrition plan like no other; every two weeks he added a new plan that delivered results. She stepped up her training by introducing weight lifting, form and posing by Mushin Nasir, in addition he worked with the training plan outlined by Kim Oddo. Meanwhile she also added one more piece to the puzzle, core training by Monroe Darrell. ... Read more

The Return Of The Divine Masculine And Divine Feminine

Inhale Love and Exhale Fear as you Let Go and Surrender amongst stunning, breathtaking coastal views of the Pacific Ocean. ... Read more

Monroe on "The Couch" talk show

Watch Monroe on "The Couch" talk show ... Read more

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